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Rekeying House Locks Dania Beach by Travis Lock & Key

As a homeowner in Dania Beach, FL, rekeying your locks is an important step when moving into a new house, after a break-in, or to replace lost keys. Rekeying alters the internal pins of your existing locks to work with a new key, providing enhanced security without installing brand new locks. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain the rekeying process, costs, benefits, and more. Let’s explore why rekeying by a professional Dania Beach locksmith like Travis Lock & Key is the smart choice for keeping your home protected.

The licensed locksmiths at Travis Lock & Key leverage decades of combined rekeying experience to provide Dania Beach homeowners reliable, quality service. We rekey all lock types and brands with strict adherence to manufacturer guidelines for smooth functionality. 

Our mobile technicians can rekey your home in under an hour right at your property. We also offer discounted pricing on multiple lock rekeying and additional duplicate keys.

With Travis Lock & Key, you avoid the mistakes of amateur DIY rekeying attempts. Our professional workmanship delivers robust security, working within your existing hardware. Depend on us for proper lock rekeying across Dania Beach – we make it a fast, affordable process to protect what matters most.

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Understanding the Rekeying Process

The goal of rekeying is to change the key configuration so the old keys no longer work, keeping unauthorized persons out. Here’s how lock rekeying works:

  • The lock cylinder is removed from the door and disassembled to access the internal pin tumblers.
  • The old pins are replaced with new pins and rearranged into a new pattern that matches your new key.
  • The cylinder is reassembled with the altered pins and installed back into the door lock.

With the pins reconfigured to a new combination, your old keys will no longer engage the lock. Only the newly cut rekeyed keys can open the lock. It adds security without needing new locks.

Rekeying House Locks  Dania Beach

Why Rekeying is More Secure

Since the locks themselves don’t change, rekeying alone doesn’t fully prevent break-ins. However, it ensures lost or copied keys no longer work. Rekeying reduces the chances of someone with unauthorized keys accessing your home.

Benefits of Rekeying Over Replacing Locks

For most homeowners needing increased security, rekeying existing locks provides advantages over installing brand new locks:

  • Cost savings – Rekeying is much cheaper than buying all new locks
  • Convenience – Locks stay in the same locations
  • Speed – Rekeying takes less than an hour versus replacing every lock
  • Familiarity – You keep your existing lock bodies you’re used to
  • Environmental – Less waste since old locks don’t end up in landfills

For a balance of improved security, cost, and convenience, rekeying wins for most homeowners.

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When Should You Consider Rekeying Your Home Locks?

Here are common situations where rekeying provides better home security:

Bought a New House

After buying a home, rekeying ensures previous owners, realtors or anyone else no longer have access with old keys.

Change in Tenants

Always rekey rental property or spare rooms between tenants for privacy and possession of all copies of the keys.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Rekey if your keys go missing to prevent compromised access from whoever finds them.

End of Relationship

Rekeying after a breakup or divorce stops an ex from accessing the property with their old keys.

Home Break-In

Rekey after a burglary so the thief can’t return with the stolen keys. Provides peace of mind.

How Dania Beach Locksmiths Conduct Professional Rekeying

When you hire Travis Lock & Key for rekeying your Dania Beach home, you can expect the following process:

Step 1: Evaluation

We assess your existing locks, doors, and hardware and determine the best rekeying approach.

Step 2: Lock Removal

Your locks are carefully removed using proper tools to avoid damage to the door or frame.

Step 3: Pin Replacement

The old pins and tumblers are swapped for new ones in a distinct pattern that matches your new key.

Step 4: Reinstallation

The rekeyed lock cylinders are installed back into the doors and confirmed to be working properly.

Step 5: New Keys

We provide you with a set of newly cut keys matching the new lock configuration.

When performed correctly by our experienced locksmiths, this rekeying process takes less than an hour in most cases and causes no damage to your doors or hardware.

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Potential Costs Associated with Rekeying in Dania Beach

Rekeying costs much less than fully replacing your locks. On average, expect to pay the following:

  • $50 – $100 per lock – Typical price range for standard residential door locks. Higher security or commercial locks cost more to rekey.
  • $5 per key – Average price per duplicate rekeyed key after the initial set. We provide discounts on multiple copies.
  • $20 – $50 per lock for weekend/evening service – Slight upcharges apply for emergency after hours rekeying.

Exact pricing depends on the types of locks, number of doors, extras like new keys, and timing. We provide free estimates so you know exactly what to expect. In most cases rekeying saves homeowners 50% or more compared to replacing all locks.

Rekeying vs. Installing Smart Locks: Which One’s For You?

Rekeying upgrades traditional lock security in an affordable way. For full home access control, keyless entry, and mobile features, smart locks are another option:

  • Rekeying – Low cost, maintains existing locks, new keys still required for access
  • Smart Locks – Total home access control, smartphone enabled, keyless entry

Many homeowners opt for a mix – keeping their rekeyed standard locks along with adding smart locks to exterior doors for convenience. This balances security and technology. Our locksmiths can advise you on the best options for your home.

Finding Trusted Rekeying Services in Dania Beach

With security at stake, it’s crucial your rekeying is done right by qualified locksmiths. Here are signs to look for when choosing reliable rekeying services:

Licensed & Insured

Only hire insured locksmiths like Travis Lock & Key to ensure you’re protected if any damage occurs.


Look for established locksmiths in business for many years with proven rekeying expertise.


Seek 24/7 locksmiths available for timely rekeying whenever you discover lost keys or a break-in.

Mobile Services

Choose a mobile locksmith that travels to your home for on-site service.

Brand Reputation

Top locksmiths like us have overwhelmingly positive reviews and an excellent local reputation.

Reliable Technicians

Well-trained consistent staff ensure quality. Avoid companies with high turnover.

Depend on these markers of professionalism when selecting a Dania Beach locksmith for critical rekeying work.

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Why Choose Travis Lock & Key for Your Rekeying?

With 10+ years of residential experience, homeowners trust Travis Lock & Key for all rekeying needs. Our advantages:

✔️ Trusted Brand – Well-reviewed and family owned

✔️ Fully Licensed & Insured – Certified and bonded

✔️ Mobility – We travel directly to you

✔️ 24/7 Availability – Day or night rekeying assistance

✔️ Prompt Response Times – 30 mins or less in most cases

✔️ Upfront Pricing – Free estimates, no hidden fees

✔️ Highly Trained Staff – Consistent quality service

✔️ All Lock Brands – We rekey any residential lock

For nearly any home rekeying job, depend on the experts at Travis Lock & Key. Call us at (954) 516-2149!

Here Q&A Rekeying House Locks Dania Beach:

Q: How can I access locksmith service in Dania Beach, Florida for rekeying my house locks?

A: It’s simple. You can get in touch with us for any locksmith needs including lock rekey service. Give us a call or use the Google map on our site to locate our locksmith store in Dania Beach, FL. We serve all zip codes within Broward County and we provide residential locksmith services round the clock.

Q: I locked myself out of my car in Dania Beach, what should I do?

A: No worries, we provide automotive locksmith services. You can contact us anytime, irrespective of the time of the day or even in the middle of the night. Our mobile locksmith team will be on their way to assist you with car lockout situations.

Q: What locksmith services does your mobile locksmith team in Dania Beach provide?

A: Our mobile locksmith team can assist with a wide variety of locksmith services including lock change, lock replacement, car key duplication, installation of high security lock and key systems, and much more. We can satisfy all your locksmith needs anytime, anywhere in Dania Beach and Broward County, Florida.

Q: How can I avail of your residential locksmith services for changing locks in my home?

A: To avail our residential locksmith services, just give us a call. We’re available round the clock, offering services like lock change, lock rekey and new set of keys for your residential property in Dania Beach, Florida.

Q: Is your locksmith service in Dania Beach, Florida affordable?

A: Yes, we provide affordable service for all types of locksmith needs whether residential, commercial or automotive. Our primary aim is to satisfy our customers with top-rated locksmith services that are both skilled and economically priced.

Q: How quickly can your emergency locksmith service reach me in Dania Beach, Florida?

A: Our 24-hour emergency locksmith service can reach out to anyone in need in Dania Beach, South Florida very quickly. As soon as you contact us, our mobile locksmith team will be dispatched to your location immediately.

Q: How can I get in touch with a commercial locksmith in Dania Beach for my office lock and key needs?

A: Contacting a commercial locksmith is just as straightforward as contacting our residential locksmith. You can contact us by phone, email or through our website to avail high-quality commercial locksmith service in Dania Beach, Florida.

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the locksmith service you provide in Dania Beach, Florida?

A: We strive to satisfy our customers with our comprehensive range of locksmith services in Dania Beach, Florida. However, if for any reason you’re not satisfied, please let us know. We will be more than happy to rectify the situation and ensure you’re completely satisfied.

Q: Do you also provide car locksmith services?

A: Yes, we provide a variety of automotive locksmith services including car lockout, ignition repair, key duplication and more. Our team is skilled and can handle any car locksmith needs you may have, making us a trusted locksmith service provider in Dania Beach, Florida.

Q: Can I contact you for locksmith services outside Dania Beach, Florida?

A: We primarily serve Dania Beach, Broward County. But we can certainly extend our services to nearby areas. Give us a call and let us know your location. If you’re in an area we can reach, we’ll be eager to assist you with your locksmith needs.

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Travis Lock & Key is an awesome locksmith service that helped me get into my house after locking myself out recently. A locksmith from this company came within 30 minutes and got me the help I needed.

Bobby Maryns

These locksmiths are great and professional. They do their work as expected within a time frame and helped me with fixing a window lock.

Ryan Moore

The technician arrived a few minutes early, and did a great job re-keying our locks. Would use them again should we ever need a locksmith.

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