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Panic Bar and Exit Device Problems?

Panic bars, also known as crash bars or push bars, are an important life safety device required in many commercial buildings. When you need panic bars or full exit devices installed on your Dania Beach property, Travis Lock & Key has you covered. We provide professional installation, maintenance, and repair services for all major brands of panic bars and exit devices.

This comprehensive guide will explain what these devices are, where they are required, installation considerations, top manufacturers, and how Travis Lock & Key can fulfill all your panic bar and exit device needs in Dania Beach, FL.

The expert locksmiths and life safety technicians at Travis Lock & Key hold advanced training and certifications on proper exit device installation, repair, and inspection. We are factory authorized dealers for top panic bar brands like Von Duprin, Sargent, and Precision Hardware, ensuring we use only genuine OEM parts for reliability.

Our mobile technicians will conduct full site surveys at your Dania Beach property prior to installation, advise you on optimal exit device and egress solutions, and perform compliant installation and testing. We also offer mandated fire inspections, maintenance, and recertification of existing panic bars and exit hardware.

For new installation or servicing of current emergency egress systems, Travis Lock & Key is the trusted expert provider of panic bars, exit devices, and related life safety solutions across Dania Beach, FL.

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Panic Bars & Hardware

What are Panic Bars and Exit Devices?

A panic bar is a long horizontal push-to-exit bar that allows occupants to quickly open a door by pressing the bar. This allows easy egress in an emergency situation.

Exit devices are complete door opening assemblies that contain the horizontal push bar along with the door latches and other components. Exit devices allow controlled one-way exit while preventing unauthorized entry from the exterior.

Both panic bars and full exit devices are designed for emergency exiting – hence the names “panic bar” and “exit device.” They must comply with strict building codes and fire safety standards.

Panic Bar & Exit Device Installations Dania Beach

Where are Panic Bars & Exit Devices Required?

In Dania Beach, the Florida Building Code and Florida Fire Prevention Code mandate installation of approved panic bars or exit devices in certain occupancies. Typical locations include:

  • Public assembly spaces – theaters, stadiums, auditoriums, churches
  • Educational facilities – schools, colleges, day care centers
  • Healthcare facilities – hospitals, nursing homes, clinics
  • Hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings
  • Retail stores, restaurants, bars, nightclubs
  • Office spaces with over 50 occupants
  • Government buildings
  • And more!

The specific requirements depend on occupancy type, door width, door configuration, and number of occupants. Building inspectors check for compliant exit devices during site inspections.

Panic Bar & Exit Device Installation

Correct installation is crucial for proper operation and compliance. Travis Lock & Key’s certified technicians are experts at installing all major brands of panic bars and exit devices on virtually any door type. We handle complete installations including:

  • Reviewing door sizes, weights, and applicable codes
  • Surveying existing conditions and hardware
  • Properly modifying and reinforcing doors as needed
  • Securely mounting exit device components and rails
  • Adjusting, testing, and confirming smooth egress
  • Providing compliant strikes, closers, and seals
  • Meeting all Florida Building Code requirements
  • Ensuring fast reliable exit in an emergency

We can integrate exit devices with your existing locks, access control systems, automatic door operators, and more. All our installation services are completely mobile – we come to your Dania Beach property with all necessary tools and parts.

Major Brands of Panic Bars & Exit Devices

Travis Lock & Key installs all leading commercial exit device brands including:

Von Duprin: The leader in fire-rated exit devices prized for their durability and reliability. We install the full product range.

Sargent: Offers a wide selection of exit devices for aluminum, hollow metal, tempered, and fire-rated doors.

Yale: Provides a variety of life safety egress solutions from mechanical exit devices to electronic systems.

Dormakaba: A top brand choice for exiting solutions on wood and glass doors.

Precision: Known for their ADA-compliant exit devices focused on safety and security.

Corbin Russwin: Manufactures a diverse line of durable exit devices for total door opening solutions.

Adams Rite: Makes slim exit device designs ideal for use on aluminum storefronts.

And many more quality brands!

Panic Bar & Exit Device Installations Dania Beach - Travis Lock & Key Locksmith

Why Choose Travis Lock & Key for Installations?

When you need new panic bars or exit devices installed in Dania Beach, FL, Travis Lock & Key is the proven choice.

✓ All our locksmiths are fully trained exit device installation technicians

✓ We maintain large inventory of parts for quick service and rebuilds

✓ Available 24/7 including nights and weekends

✓ Conduct full site evaluations prior to installations

✓ Handle entire exit device installation process start to finish

✓ Meet all Florida fire safety and ADA standards

✓ Provide certified inspections and maintenance after installation

✓ Highly rated 5-star locksmith service locally

We have over a decade of experience as Dania Beach’s premier locksmith and life safety experts. Our technicians will ensure your new exit devices are properly selected, expertly installed, and fully compliant.

Panic Bar & Exit Device Repairs

In addition to new installations, we also provide full maintenance and repair services on existing panic bars and exit devices in Dania Beach and surrounding areas. Our services include:

  • Exit device inspections and testing
  • Push bar repairs and stabilization
  • Latch and door closer adjustments
  • Fastenings tightened and realignment
  • Eliminating binding, sticking, or rubbing
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Worn or broken component replacement
  • Door reinforcement repairs
  • Access control integration

Proper function in an emergency is critical. We can quickly diagnose issues with under performing or broken exit devices and restore smooth, reliable operation that meets codes.

Panic Bar Repair Dania Beach FL

Related Products & Services

Beyond the installation of panic bars, related products such as door alarms, electronic exit devices, and delayed egress systems further enhance security. Travis Lock & Key, being at the forefront of locksmith services in Dania Beach, offers these additional products, ensuring that businesses are not only compliant with safety regulations but also fortified against potential security threats.

Furthermore, regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial for the longevity of these devices. Thus, a comprehensive service package from providers like Travis Lock & Key ensures that these installations remain in optimal condition, providing security and peace of mind to property owners.

The significance of panic bars and exit devices cannot be understated in today’s commercial settings. They not only ensure safety but also compliance with building codes. For those in Dania Beach, turning to trusted service providers like Travis Lock & Key ensures that these installations are done right, guaranteeing both safety and durability.

Here Q&A about Panic Bar & Exit Device Installations Dania Beach:

Q: What are some common issues that might require emergency exit device repair?

A: Some common issues include faulty mechanisms, wear and tear, misalignment, or damages resulting from heavy usage or vandalism. This could affect various types of exit devices including commercial exit bar, fire door panic bar, vertical rod exit device, rim panic device, and mortise exit device.

Q: Can you explain the process of a crash bar installation?

A: Crash bar or panic bar installation involves precise measurements to ensure it fits accurately on the door. The panic bar locksmith determines the correct height, drills the necessary holes on the door, and then mounts the crash bar onto the door, ensuring it operates smoothly to provide quick and easy escape during emergencies.

Q: What is a push bar door mechanism and how does it enhance door security?

A: A push bar door mechanism is a type of door security hardware that allows doors to be opened by simply pushing a bar. This mechanism is important for emergency exits as it allows a large number of people to exit swiftly without the need for a key or knob. This mechanism also aids in the prevention of unauthorized entry.

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Q: What type of commercial door hardware do you install?

A: We install a variety of commercial door hardware including panic bars, commercial exit bars, door alarm bars, push paddle exit devices and safety door latches, among others. Our services also include panic bar maintenance and exit device repair to ensure their functionality and longevity.

Q: What is fire exit hardware and why is it important?

A: Fire exit hardware, such as a fire door panic bar, is designed to allow people to quickly exit a building in the event of a fire or other emergency. It is essential for safety and usually mandatory in commercial and public buildings to comply with fire safety regulations and emergency exit compliance requirements.

Q: Can you handle exit door safety device installations?

A: Yes, we handle exit door safety device installations including panic hardware for doors and emergency egress devices. We also provide an exit alarm system and delayed egress system options that can help ensure safety and security in case of emergencies.

Q: What is the process for installing door push bar?

A: The panic bar installation process involves several steps. First, a professional locksmith measures the door and positions the template for fitting. Holes are drilled accordingly and the exit device is securely placed and fastened onto the door. Finally, the device is tested to ensure correct operation.

Q: Can you provide panic hardware for doors?

A: Yes, we supply high-quality panic hardware for doors ranging from push paddle exit devices to vertical rod or rim panic devices. Whether you’re looking for hardware for your commercial exit or fire doors, we have got you covered.

Q: Can you recommend any emergency egress devices?

A: We offer a wide range of emergency egress devices, from push bars and exit alarm systems to delayed egress systems. The best device for your needs will depend on the specifics of your building and the local fire and safety regulations. We can provide a detailed consultation to help you make the best choice.

Q: Do you also provide exit device replacement services?

A: Absolutely, alongside our installation services, we also provide exit device replacement and maintenance services. This includes replacement of worn-out or malfunctioning parts for different types of exit devices to ensure they are working optimally for your safety and emergency exit compliance.

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