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Lost, Stole, Broken Key Fob? We Got You Covered

Travis Lock & Key Locksmiths are experts in key fob replacement services. If your car key fob is lost stolen or damaged, contact us and we will send a key fob replacement Dania Beach technician to wherever you are stranded!

In recent decades, automotive technology has rapidly evolved from purely mechanical keys to sophisticated digital key fobs. While these keyless remotes offer convenience, they can present challenges when damaged or lost. Read this guide to key fob basics, problems, and replacement services offered by Dania Beach’s trusted experts at Travis Lock & Key.

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What Exactly is a Car Key Fob?

A key fob (also called a keyless entry remote) is the wireless transmitter that locks/unlocks doors on modern vehicles with keyless entry. It serves as a mini remote control on your keychain. Pressing buttons on the fob automatically lock or unlock the car doors and trunk. No manual key insertion is needed to unlock or start the vehicle.

Key fobs communicate with a vehicle’s computer using radio frequencies. The fob transmits a coded signal that the car’s receiver verifies to perform functions like unlocking or starting the car. This gives you keyless convenience!

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How Do Key Fobs Differ from Traditional Keys?

Standard metal keys require manually inserting into locks and physically turning to latch/unlatch. But key fobs provide:

  • Keyless entry – Doors unlock at the press of a button
  • Increased range – Operate locks from greater distances
  • Added functions – Many fobs also pop trunks or activate panic alarms
  • Non-physical access – No need to handle keys with hands full
  • Preset automation – Programmable to auto-unlock on approach

While traditional keys are purely mechanical, key fobs allow owners digital control of their cars for enhanced convenience and flexibility. Call the Dania Beach locksmith experts to help when having problems with key fobs and proximity keys.

How Does the Technology in Key Fobs Work?

When you hit a button on your key fob, a radio signal is sent to a receiver module inside your car. This receiver is connected to the vehicle’s electrical system.

The unique encoded signal from the fob identifies it as authorized and triggers the system to activate locks. The car replies confirming the signal and performs the requested function like unlocking doors.

Each key fob’s encryption is synchronized specifically with your vehicle during programming. This prevents other key fobs from interacting with your car. The short-range radio frequencies make key fobs work only when in close proximity to your vehicle.

Lost Key Fob – What Should You Do?

Losing your car’s key fob can be hugely inconvenient. Without it, you may be unable to unlock your vehicle. So what should you do if your key remote goes missing? Here are your options:

  • Look for spares – Check if any duplicate fobs were made that you can use temporarily.
  • Call dealer – The dealership can replace your key fob but will charge higher prices and require wait time. And a lot of the time, dealerships work directly with an emergency locksmith who makes their keys.
  • Professional locksmith – An independent locksmith like Travis Lock & Key can program new key fobs on-site, saving you money and time. We recommend this convenient option for all car key replacement needs.

No matter where you lost it, a professional mobile locksmith can come to your location in Dania Beach and rapidly make a replacement key fob so you’re not stranded. Travis Lock & Key car lock smith technicians are always available.

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Why Choose Travis Lock & Key for Key Fob Replacement Dania Beach?

When you need key fob replacement Dania Beach or any service that requires a locksmith near Dania Beach, Travis Lock & Key offers unbeatable convenience and affordability:

  • Mobile service – We dispatch directly to your location
  • Fast key fob programming – New fob in 30 minutes or less
  • All vehicle makes & models – Domestic, import, and luxury
  • Cost savings – Significant discounts vs. the dealership
  • No wait – Get back on the road in no time
  • 5-star service – Highly reviewed with years of experience

For hassle-free car key fob replacement or any locksmith in Dania Beach services, we are the automotive locksmiths to trust. Avoid dealership costs and downtime by calling Travis Lock & Key at (954) 516-2149!

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Common Key Fob Problems

Key fobs are convenient but more prone to technical issues than old-fashioned keys. Some common key fob problems include:

Low/Dead Battery

Like any remote, fob batteries drain over time. Typical battery life is 1-4 years. Easy fix: We can replace the battery or program new fobs.


Fobs take daily wear-and-tear. Dropping them can break internal parts. Solution: Let us program and provide sturdy replacement fobs.

Failed Remote Functionality

Faulty fob programming or electrical issues can cause lock/unlock functions to stop working. Fix: Our experts can diagnose and restore full functionality.

Unresponsive Buttons

Environmental factors like dirt, dust and moisture can make buttons stick. Fixing may require taking the fob apart to clean or replace interior button mechanisms.

Lost Sync with Car Systems

Emitters inside fobs can lose digital sync with onboard systems, preventing operation. Solution: We resynchronize and reprogram fobs to restore performance. Our team will get your car key programmed on-site.

While high-tech key fobs offer greater convenience, more can go wrong. Our certified mobile locksmiths in Dania Beach have the automotive programming knowledge and tools to quickly resolve any keyless entry issues.

Key Fob Replacement Process

When you call Travis Lock & Key for key fob problems in Dania Beach, FL, here is the general key replacement process our auto locksmiths follow:

  1. Verify and confirm ownership of the vehicle through documentation
  2. Obtain the key code from your vehicle identification number (VIN) if needed.
  3. Program a new key fob using specialized equipment synchronized to your car systems
  4. Test and confirm the newly programmed fob operates all locks and buttons
  5. Provide any duplicate replacement fobs as needed

Our advanced key programmers and experience allow us to seamlessly replace your key fobs on-site within 30 minutes in most cases. We ensure your new keyless remotes are fully functional before leaving your vehicle. Our car locksmith technicians are thoroughly trained and equipped to provide you with a new car key on the spot. 

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Key Fob Security Considerations

While key fobs are convenient, some security aspects to keep in mind include:

  • Keep fobs away from other electronic devices to prevent signal interference
  • Don’t leave keys inside your parked vehicle where thieves can amplify and grab signals
  • Using a Faraday bag can block wireless signals when not using your fob
  • Enable two-step authentication if your car supports it for added security
  • Never leave spare fobs unattended in plain sight inside vehicles

Practicing smart fob habits enhances overall security. Our locksmiths can advise you on vulnerabilities and solutions.

Dania Beach’s Key Fob Replacement Experts

For over 10 years, Travis Lock & Key has provided top-quality automotive locksmith services including key fob replacement for all makes and models in Dania Beach, FL. Our certified mobile technicians have the knowledge to address any key fob issue quickly and get almost any car keys made on the spot. We offer unbeatable convenience and value over dealerships, along with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, car key replacement services. 

To get a replacement key fob on-site within 30 minutes, call Travis Lock & Key anytime at (954) 516-2149! As key fob technology advances, you can count on our pros to stay current and resolve any issues that arise. Your mobility and security are our top concerns.

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Questions & Answers

Q: What locksmith services do you offer in Dania Beach, FL?

A: As a local locksmith, we offer a variety of locksmith services in Dania Beach and surrounding areas. This includes commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services, and automotive locksmith services. Whether you need lock replacement, key duplication, key programming, car lockout service, or you’ve locked out of your car, we have you covered.

Q: Do you provide 24-hour locksmith service in Dania Beach?

A: Yes, we provide a 24-hour locksmith service in Dania Beach and the entire South Florida area. We understand that emergencies can occur at any time, and our locksmith Dania Beach team is always ready to respond.

Q: Can your locksmith service offer car key replacement in Dania Beach?

A: Absolutely. Our automotive locksmith service includes car key replacement in Dania Beach. If you’ve lost your keys or need a spare key, give us a call and we’ll provide professional key cutting and programming services.

Q: What makes your locksmith service reliable?

A: Our reliable locksmith services are delivered by fully insured and trained technicians, equipped with modern tools. We offer upfront pricing and are based in Dania Beach, FL, making us a local locksmith service you can trust.

Q: Do I have to come to your location for key replacement in Dania Beach?

A: No, we operate a mobile locksmith service in Dania Beach. If you need key replacement or rekeying services, give us a call and we’ll come to your location in our fully equipped locksmith vans.

Q: Can your automotive locksmith service handle modern car keys?

A: Yes, our automotive locksmith services can handle modern car keys. Whether it’s car key duplication or car key replacement in Dania, our technicians are trained to work with all types of keys.

Q: Does your locksmith service cover all of Dania Beach?

A: Yes, our locksmith service covers all of Dania Beach and the surrounding areas in Broward County. Our mobile locksmith team is ready to respond to calls throughout Dania Beach and even in the zip codes in Dania Beach.

Q: Can you rekey locks as part of your locksmith service in Dania Beach?

A: Yes, our locksmith service includes rekeying. If you need any locks rekeyed in your home or business in Dania Beach, just give us a call.

Q: Are your locksmiths trained to handle car lockouts?

A: Yes, our locksmiths are highly trained to handle car lockouts. Our automotive locksmith service includes car door unlock service, ensuring you can quickly get your vehicle back on the road.

Q: As a locksmith in Dania Beach, FL, do you also provide commercial locksmith services?

A: Yes, we provide commercial locksmith services including lock replacement, rekeying, and key duplication. If you need a locksmith for your Dania Beach business, don’t hesitate to call us.

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